Important message for ISLDN members – Social Justice Leadership Group

The group is currently making good progress, and we are enjoying a very successful convention at UCEA in Denver. Elsewhere on this blog you will be able to read about the work we have been doing, and the work we have planned.

What is clear is that the group appears to be coalescing around the specific individuals who have been involved in the initial data collection.  Throughout the project, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible but this is now becoming more difficult. There is a need to make decisions in order to progress the project, and really only those people who have been involved in data collection have a good sense of what needs to be done to move things along.

In order to make sure we are including as many people as possible, and not bombarding the inboxes of those not involved, it is probably now a sensible time to re-establish who is a member of the group.  Can I therefore invite you to indicate if you still wish to be considered a member of the project by committing yourself to one of three groups (see below).  If you don’t feel you wish to do this at this point either let me know, or just don’t respond – and I’ll stop sending you unwanted emails! (This does not preclude involvement at a later stage, but it is helpful for the moment to know more clearly who is participating).

Cohort 1 – this is self-defining really – it is all those who have been involved in data collection for the first round of case studies (and you don’t need to get back to me, I know who you are!).

Cohort 2 – if you have not been involved to date, but want to be, the most obvious way to do this is to generate a case study.  This is not a complicated process – it involves undertaking initial data collection with a single principal.  The common methodological framework we are asking everyone involved to follow is set out here. We are asking Cohort 2 colleagues to have completed this process by July 2013 (the time we meet at BELMAS). The process is tried and tested – and those who have done it indicate that it works well.

Theory group – sorry, couldn’t think of another title! Those undertaking the research have asked if some colleagues could begin to develop an overview of relevant literature, with a view to mapping out relevant conceptual frameworks. This will involve literature searches and reviews in relation to, in the first instance, theories of social justice.  If you want to be involved in the project, but don’t see yourself as providing a case study, then this group (currently, me!) would value your contribution.

All of the above, put simply . . .

If you are not one of the people who has been involved in generating case-studies to date, but you still want to be involved in the project, please can you get back to me and let me know if you want to contribute a case study (Cohort 2), or be part of the literature review team (Theory group).  If you don’t feel you can commit at this point, or this doesn’t fit with your plans anymore – it’s not a problem. But it is helpful to us, for communication purposes, to know who we are working with.

If any of the above isn’t clear, or I’ve missed something out, – just get back to me . . .

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2 Responses to Important message for ISLDN members – Social Justice Leadership Group

  1. Khalid Arar and Izhar Oplatka says:

    Dear Howard Stevenson,
    This is to confirm that both Izhar and myself (Khalid), have started the interviews according to the guidelines discussed in BELMAS, we will be able to present preliminary findings in future conference such as BELAMAS and other conferences; we are running about 50 interviews with school principals both in Jewish and Arab education systems in order to be able to present a comparative case.
    Khalid Arar and Izhar Oplatka

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