Social Justice Leadership Group Meeting Denver 2012

Notes and actions from Denver (11/12) meeting.

The meeting covered a lot of ground – discussions were not always conclusive. Hence these notes comprise a combination of ACTIONS and PROPOSALS (the former are what we agreed to do, and the latter are what we need to agree to do – or not).

It was recognised that the 4 over-arching questions work well to define the project. These generate rich data, and the next step is to analyse data collected to date.

The interview protocols worked well – but some amendments could further improve them.  ACTION – anyone who has used the protocol, please pass comments to Pam for further revision of protocol. Please do so by 15th December.


BELMAS Conference (Edinburgh, 12-14 July 2013). It was agreed that the BELMAS proposal will take the form of a SYMPOSIUM in which pairs of presenters will provide a summary of data collection from Principal interviews.  Each paper will explicitly make comparisons between the issues emerging from the two different national contexts in each pair.

Provisional paired groupings are:

Mika (Finland) and Meng (China)

Ian (England) and Charlie/Nancy (Costa Rica)

Heather (US) and Jayson (India)

Helene and Katarina (Sweden) and Pam (USA)

BELMAS timelines:

3 December 2012: Call for papers/ Registration opens

22 February 2013: Deadline for submission

15 March: Presenters informed

12 – 14 July: Conference

ACTION: Howard to coordinate proposal submission

Individual presenters to develop papers (subject to proposal being accepted)

OBJECTIVE 2 – UCEA Convention

It was agreed that we should seek a symposium session at UCEA 2013 and that this would be based on a further analysis of the Phase 1 data (Principal interviews) but supplemented by a more robust contextual statement for each case.


Each case to generate a contextual statement that describes the macro context (policy/political background) and the micro context (institutional issues).  A framework relating to the contextual statement will follow (Howard to organise).

ACTION: Helene to co-ordinate submission of proposal to UCEA

If UCEA proposal successful then individual paper presenters will need to develop papers.

UCEA proposal deadline – early May.


We discussed the ECER Conference (Istanbul, September 2013).  We do not meet again before the deadline for submissions, and it may be we have enough to do.  I am suggesting that rather than organise a group submission that we leave this to individuals – it may be that individual group members want to use the data for a presentation at ECER, or perhaps some people working together.  At this stage we leave this issue for individuals to decide. ECER deadlines are:

15.11.2012 Submission starts
01.02.2013 Submission ends
02.04.2013 Review results sent out
10.09.2013 ECER Main Conference

We will also aim to have an informal Network meeting at ECER if several members are there. A presence at ECER in 2014 (London) was considered a sensible target to aim for.


To develop a literature review relating to conceptions of Social Justice.  ACTION – Howard to co-ordinate, and invite others to be involved (Philip Woods for example).


We received an invitation from one of the editors of the Journal of Research on Leadership Education to submit a proposal for a special issue.  It was agreed that Bruce and Howard [ACTION] would liaise and submit a proposal to the editors for a 2014 publication.  This would probably go across the two groups.

Jayson’s ‘real time’ notes from the meeting here [thanks Jayson] – BELMAS at UCEA 2012

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