High Need Schools Work Group – Summary of UCEA 2012 Pre-Session

On Thursday, 15 November 2012 members of the International School Leadership Development Network met to discuss progress and future plans. Most of the time was devoted for the two research teams — Social Justice Leadership (coordinated by Howard Stevenson) and Leadership for High Need Schools (coordinated by Bruce Barnett) — to discuss their individual projects.

The Leadership for High Need Schools discussed a number of issues, which are summarized below. Members present included: Daniel Duke, Olof Johansson, Ross Notman, Allan Walker, Miles Bryant, Mette Baran, Jami Berry, Rodolfo Rincones, David Gurr, Lawrie Drysdale, and Helen Goode. Several guests attended: Haiyan Qian (Hong Kong Institute of Education with Allan Walker), Meng Tian (graduate student at the University of Jyvaskyla with Mika Risku), and Liz Krimbill (graduate student at the University of Texas at San Antonio with Bruce Barnett).

  1. Finalized arrangements for the UCEA international community-building session:
  • Revised the session into a fishbowl format and began with discussant Allan Walker’s comments.
  • Copies of all the case studies will be sent in a separate email message.

2. Determined 2013 AERA pre-session agenda (27 April – 1 May 2013, San Francisco):

  • Prior to the session, each team member will review their data to address two questions:
  1. What have you learned from your case(s) that helps you better understand the features of and challenges leaders confront in high need schools?
  2. What have you learned from your case(s) that suggests how to prepare and provide professional development for leaders of high need schools?
  • By April 1, responses to these questions will be sent to Bruce Barnett, who will distribute them to the entire group.
  • During the session, we will review responses to determine trends and how best to proceed in collecting additional data
  • Bruce will confirm with Terri Orr the date and time of the session (probably 26 or 27 April).

3. Discussed 2013 BELMAS session (12-14 July, Edinburgh, Scotland):

  • Our group is interested in presenting a symposium focusing on:

a) A case study of a leader in a high need school in Georgia (Jami Berry)
b) The Florida training model for future leaders of high need schools (Daniel Duke)
c) What improvements school boards and principals consider important when turning around high need schools (Olof Johansson)

4. Journal of Research on Leadership Education special issue:

  • Michelle Acker-Hocevar, one of the Editors for the Journal of Research on Leadership Education, met with us to indicate they would be interested in having us submit a proposal for a special issue in 2014.
  • Bruce will contact her for the timeline and requirements for submitting special issues. This information will be distributed to all ISLDN members for their reactions.
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