ISLDN at AERA 2013

The Network will have a planning meeting at AERA 2013.  There are no formal ISLDN sessions within the programme – but we look forward to meeting as many Network members as we can, and progressing the projects.  In the past, these have been well attended meetings and very productive in terms of moving our projects forward.  Some form of informal ISLDN social gathering/dinner is also on the cards . . .

At the moment we do not know the exact timing of the session, but it is likely to be on the morning the Annual Meeting starts (Saturday April 27th) or, and possibly more likely, the day before, ie Friday 26th.  As soon as we know (January some time) we will let you know – but if you are making early travel plans – please bear in mind the distinct possibility of a Network meeting on Friday 26th.

We are grateful to AERA Division A for providing us with the space in their programme for us to meet.

Session Title: BELMAS-UCEA Research Collaboration: The International School Leadership Development Network

  • Description:  ISLDN research team members will meet to discuss research designs for projects dealing with: (a) leadership for high need schools and (b) social justice leadership
  • Organizers: Bruce Barnett (University of Texas at San Antonio), Howard Stevenson (University of Nottingham)
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2 Responses to ISLDN at AERA 2013

  1. Izhar says:

    could you please try to make it on the 27th as many international delegates will arrive at SF at the 26th (April). izhar

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