Social Justice Leadership strand – 2013 Plan of Work

Thankyou for responding to my request for Network members to indicate their continued interest in the project.  I am delighted that almost everyone has ‘signed up’ to continue to work with the Network – and we now have an impressive range of members (at least 22), covering an impressive range of contexts.  Our international coverage is already excellent – and will spread.  A full list of group members is here.

Each member is now a member of one of three groups.  These groups, at this stage, are for convenience. There is nothing fixed about them, and they will no doubt be fluid and flexible in their form! A summary of who has committed to which group is here.

A reminder of what each group will be doing in 2o13 . . .

Cohort 1 – presented at the symposium at UCEA 2012 and will submit a symposium proposal for BELMAS 2012. This will take forward the project to its next stage, as we agreed at our meeting at UCEA in Denver.

Cohort 2 – will conduct a case study project, as per the project’s protocols. See here.

NOTE – some Cohort 2 members have indicated they wish to submit a symposium proposal for ECER 2013 in Istanbul. This is currently Alison Taysum, Khalid Arar, Izhar Oplatka and Kadir Beycioglu.  The deadline for proposal is early Feb – please email me urgently if you wish to be included in the proposal we submit. I will co-ordinate the submission and liaise with Helene who has a key role in the ECER programme compilation.

Theory group – no clear plans yet, but will aim to support the work of the project by undertaking relevant literature searches and reviews etc. More details to follow.

The group will have several chances to meet during the course of the year – we will have planning meetings at AERA (San Francisco, April/May), BELMAS (Edinburgh, July), ECER (Istanbul, September) and UCEA (Indianapolis, November).  We understand that it can be difficult to attend all, or even some, of these events – but hopefully everyone feels they are kept informed.  When we met at UCEA it was suggested we might meet virtually using Google +.  This was hard work the first time – but that was a combination of first time teething problems and the fact we overloaded the system!  If sub-groups want to meet online, with smaller numbers than we tried before, my experience is that Google + works well.

Finally, an observation . . . at UCEA there was a real sense that we ‘came out’.  There was ‘real research’ to present and clear interest in our work. As the work has become more tangible then ‘next steps’ have emerged more clearly (although it didn’t always feel like that as we struggled to map the way ahead in Denver!). My sense is that we have a clear idea about our direction, and considerable commitment to move forward. There are also exciting possibilities as we are being approached about publications etc.  My plea – please continue to see this as a project that belongs to all of us. Inevitably, so far, some have been more involved than others – but this is fluid, depending on circumstance.  Please don’t feel this belongs to any one individual or group more than any one else. If we are to exploit the (substantial) possibilities that are opening up for us it will take all of us to offer ideas, identify opportunities and make then happen.  Please feel free to pitch in, in whatever way you want to and feel able to.  In particular, if you feel that something should be happening and it isn’t then please let me know – but, even better if you offer to do it :-). There is lots we can achieve in 2013 – I look forward to working with you to make it happen . . .

Best, Howard

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