Social Justice Leadership Strand – 2013 Plan of Work (part 2)



There have been a couple of queries about issues since I last wrote, plus the BELMAS call for papers has been released – so please find this update.  There is quite a lot of important information here that requires ACTION – so please read carefully!

ECER Conference – Istanbul, September 2013.

There is interest in submitting a proposal for a symposium.  This will be the same format as our symposium at UCEA, but with a different set of case studies.  So far the people who have indicated they wish to be part of this are:

Khalid Arrar

Izhar Oplatka

Kadir Beycioglu

Alison Taysum

Nations covered – Turkey, England, Israel (Jewish and Arab schools).

Action 1: I am willing to act as chair and discussant – but if anyone in the group wishes to act as discussant – please email me.

Action 2: please can Khalid, Izhar, Kadir and Alison email me to confirm you are on board to attend – asap please!

Action 3: The submission is a 400 word overview – plus 400 words per paper.  Helene – can you let me know your thoughts on how best to prepare this submission given that it is an interactive symposium (as at UCEA) and not a set of traditional ‘papers’? Howard to prepare 400 word overview and liaise with participants re anything else in light of Helene’s comments re submission.

Details of ECER here – conference deadline 1 February.

BELMAS Conference – Edinburgh, July 2013.

We agreed to submit a symposium proposal to BELMAS (for information, both ISLDN groups will be doing this).  Our symposium proposal must be submitted in the normal way and go through the normal review process.

At UCEA we agreed that this symposium session would involve the Cohort 1 group – who will present 4 sets of ‘paired’ papers (see previous blog for pairings).

Action 4: This proposal requires a 500 word overview – plus 200 words per paper. Howard to prepare overview and co-ordinate with others for 200 word contributions.

Details of BELMAS 2013 here – deadline for submissions 22nd February.

General issues . . .

  1. We next ‘meet’ at AERA.  My understanding is that this is about the time of the deadline for the submission of proposals for UCEA (I currently can’t find that date anywhere).  We need to begin thinking NOW what we want to do at UCEA (November 2013) – as the AERA meeting will be too late.  Action 5: Howard to post a blog about UCEA and circulate to all. Perhaps we can discuss via the blog what we plan to do . . . if helpful, we could use Google + to meet virtually . . .
  2. If you are not presenting in any of the conferences this year, for whatever reason, please hang in there – and keep working as per the agreed plan published previously.  There will be lots of opportunities to get involved as the year progresses, and my hunch is that publishing opportunities in particular will start to come on stream soon. There is plenty to do, and the more of us involved the easier and more interesting the work will be . . .
  3. A personal plea – the next couple of months a difficult ones for me as I am moving to a new post on 1st February. So I am trying to tie things up with one job, and get set for a new one – several action points related to this project coincide with these developments. I would not have said I’d do them if I didn’t think I could do them – but that said, if anyone wants to relieve me of any of these action points – please feel free to contact me to discuss . . .  Please note that after 1st February my email address is

Best, Howard

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