UCEA proposal – Social Justice Leadership Group [Email of 10/4/13]

Dear all

Just to keep you up to date – as things are moving quickly. . .

We will shortly have a planning meeting at AERA (plus Network dinner)
We then present at BELMAS (plus a planning meeting)
We then present at ECER (plus Network dinner)

This email relates to our UCEA presence.

The proposal for UCEA must be in by mid-May. Our original plan was for a symposium in which presenters located their interview data within a broader contextual framework.  Pam Angelle is leading on this. Pam and I have developed a contextual framework – and this will be coming to you very soon. HOWEVER, the response to be involved is quite large (see names below . . .). After discussions today with Pam and Bruce we are proposing the following . . .

That SJL strand members participate in one or other of TWO symposia.

Symposium 1 – is the original planned session, ie the one above
Symposium 2 – is a symposium in which members of the SJL strand and the High Needs School group strand present together.  I will take responsibility for submitting the proposal, but in essence it will involve presenting data collected so far, considering issues for leadership development and (jn the discussion) seeing how we can link the SJL work, and the HNS work.  This will be a coming together of the two strands.  This was Pam Angelle’s idea and Bruce and I both think it is very exciting . . . (Like us, the HNS group will also have their own symposium)

ACTION – what I need to know . . .

Below is a list of people who have indicated they WILL or they MAY be at UCEA.  Given the new developments described above I now need to know a) are you DEFINITELY coming, and b) would you rather present in symposium 1 or 2, and c) if you would be willing (if required) to present in BOTH symposia.   [if you are not on the list – but want to be involved – it’s not too late – just reply in response to the 3 issues. Similarly, if you are on the list but know you do not want to attend/present – please let me know].

Possible UCEA participants:

Pam Angelle (USA)
Heather Duncan (USA)
Anna Sun (USA)
Chris Branson (NZ)
Charlie Slater (Costa Rica)
Vicky Cerdes (Costa Rica)
Nancy Torres (Costa Rica)
Mika Risku (Finland)
Meng Tian (China)
Annie Cheng (HK)
Elson Szeto (HK)
Jayson Richardson (India)
Jill Sperandio (Ghana)
Helene Arlestig (Sweden)
Katarina Norberg (Sweden)

3 things . . .

1.Are you coming to UCEA – YES/NO?
2. Your preference – Symposium 1 or 2?
3. Would you be willing to participate in both symposia 1 and 2?

Email Howard with responses please . . .

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