Developing a contextual framework for analysing social justice leadership in action

As you all know – we are seeking to develop a contextual framework that is capable of helping us locate our case study principals within a wider context (and which provides some common descriptors within which the differences between contexts can be demonstrated).  The work so far looks like this . . .

We started with the micro-level framework presented here – Effective_leadership_in_multi_ethnic_schools and developed this further into a micro and macro framework. What this looks like visually is presented here  . . . FRAMEWORK.4.15.13 Some new headings (with descriptors) are developed here . . . frameworkv1

Some further thoughts about how all this hangs together (with sound and pictures!) are available here

Any thoughts – please post here . . . (this is important stuff for those presenting in symposium 1 at UCEA  as this is the framework we intend to use!)

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3 Responses to Developing a contextual framework for analysing social justice leadership in action

  1. Helene Ärlestig says:

    Great job with the framework! And an advanced presentation on top of that:) I believe this can be a framework to use for a long time. It includes many parts so I need to think more about it before I respond. One immediately reflection is that I miss the principals and teachers characteristics (knowledge and experience maybe also other factors that are related to staffing)

    • Pam Angelle says:

      A very valid point about principal and teacher knowledge and experience. Thanks for calling attention to that.

  2. Good point Helene – and a well spotted omission! We’ll keep thinking . . . 🙂

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