250px-1_chinatown_san_francisco_arch_gatewayThe ISLDN will be meeting at AERA 2013 in San Francisco. Members who wish to meet for an informal dinner on the Friday 26th April can assemble at 7pm at the Dragon Gate in Chinatown on Grant Avenue at Bush Street (pictured). At 7pm we will make our way on foot to the Hunan Home’s Restaurant. Alternatively meet at the Restaurant at 7.15pm.  [at the time of writing, I have struggled to make a reservation – if you arrive late, and we have had to go somewhere else, text/call me to find out where we are! We won’t be far. HS].

On Saturday 27th 10am-12pm we have our business meeting.

BELMAS-UCEA Research Collaboration: The International School Leadership Development Network
Session Submission Type: Seminar
Unit: Division A – Administration, Organization and Leadership
Scheduled Time: Sat, Apr 27 – 10:00am – 12:00pmBuilding/Room: Hilton Union Square / Tower 3 Union Square 1 and 2
Session Role: Chair

The Agenda

10:00-11:15        Separate meeting of Social Justice Leadership and Leadership for High Need Schools

  • Review progress
  • Determine future lines of inquiry and dissemination
  • Establish timelines and responsibilities

11:15-12:00        Whole group meeting

  • Identify emerging issues, concerns, and opportunities
  • Discuss involvement in future conferences
  • Determine possible publications for our collective work
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities

Immediately following our business meeting the ISLDN will be meeting with ISSPP colleagues to discuss possibilities for collaboration – location: meet at Business meeting venue at 12pm.

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One Response to ISLDN at AERA13

  1. My draft agenda for the SJL group (all in 1h 15m!) . . .
    I will update everyone on work to date, and work planned for 2013. We then need to address the following questions . . .
    Review of Framework – thoughts and comments (phase 2)
    What does Phase 3 look like?
    What are our goals for dissemination (2014 . . . )?
    How can we involve our principals?
    ‘Theory work’ – we need to consider what this looks like, and who will do it.
    Group working – involvement, engagement etc etc

    1 hour 15 minutes? Easy really . . .

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