ISLDN and ISSPP – joint meeting at AERA

Following the ISLDN business meeting at AERA Chris Day, Olof Johansson, David Gurr, Bruce Barnett and Howard Stevenson met to discuss how the ISSPP  and ISLDN projects might work more closely together.  There was a recognition that projects need to build on each other (by making effective use of previous research) and there were substantial synergies between the projects – a focus on successful leadership in urban contexts was identified as a linking theme.  There was a view that a book that developed common themes across the projects was a tangible and realistic target. However, a shorter term goal was agreed as a symposium submission to UCEA that integrated the work of ISLDN and ISSPP. It was also agreed to involve Charlie Slater as a representative of the ISPP group.

There was a general feeling that this was a very productive meeting – and that there were exciting opportunities to be had from the two/three groups working together more closely in the future.

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