ISLDN meets at #AERA2013

Members of the ISLDN group meeting at AERA13

Members of the ISLDN group meeting at AERA13

Nearly 40 members convened at the ISLDN meeting at AERA in San Francisco. Both groups, the High Needs Schools Group and the Social Justice Leadership strand were very well represented.  Most of the meeting was spent in sub-groups (see separate posts).  However, the last 30 minutes was devoted to joint discussion.

The group appeared to have developed a pattern of conference presentations at BELMAS, UCEA etc.  However it was agreed that the group should submit to AERA for 2014. Kris Hipp kindly agreed to lead on this initiative, with David Gurr supporting.

Two writing opportunities emerged/were suggested:

A special issue of Management in Education – this is BELMAS’s ‘professional journal’ (published by Sage). It is peer-reviewed, but is not a traditional peer-reviewed journal. Articles are typically shorter and less developed than articles in peer-reviewed journals. Data can be more limited (small scale studies, suited to our ‘early days’ status) and publication turnaround is quite quick also. This was agreed as a good ‘next step’ before considering something in a peer-reviewed journal, such as . . .

A special issue of Leadership and Policy in Schools has been invited.  A full proposal would need to be submitted in due course. The group are keen to consider this when we feel it is appropriate to proceed.

Bruce Barnett also indicated that Ross Notman had informed him that the New Zealand educational leadership conference (NZEALS) would be taking place in 2016 – and that this may focus on the two issues that are central to ISLDN’s work, and that our work might feature prominently. Very much a case of ‘watch this space  . . . ‘.

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