indianapolisThe ISLDN is aiming for its biggest presence yet at an academic conference with 5 ISLDN submissions for the UCEA Convention in Indianapolis (7-10 November 2013).

One submission is for a pre-Convention Network business meeting.  These have always been well attended and been an excellent opportunity to the Network to plan future work. The proposal for the pre-meeting is here UCEA 2013 Pre-session for ISLDN – Proposal.

All other submissions are for symposia.

Each of the two sub-strands are submitting a proposal – the High Needs Schools group has a session titled ‘Policies, Practices, and Preparation for Turnaround Leadership in Low-Performing Schools’ – available here – UCEA 2013 ISLDN High Need Schools Proposal. The Social Justice Leadership strand has a proposal submitted titled ‘Micro and Macro Contexts of Schooling: Understanding Social Justice from a Global Perspective’ – available here – UCEA.2013.Micro and Macro Contexts of Schooling(1).

In addition to the two separate strand proposals there is also a separate symposium proposal that seeks to link the two different strands in a dialogic process – ‘Learning from each other: making connections between studies of Leadership in High Needs Schools and studies of Leadership for Social Justice.’ – download it here –ucea13 HNS&SJL proposal

Finally there is a symposium proposal that seeks to link the ISLDN project with both the ISSPP and ISPP projects – ‘Understanding Leadership in Different Cultural Contexts: What Are We Learning from International Collaborative Research Projects?’ – available here – UCEA 2013 Understanding Leadership in Different Cultural Contexts Symposium

These submissions are clearly all proposals at this stage – and must go through UCEA’s peer review process.  We therefore make no assumptions about our presence in the programme.  That said, the level of activity (five separate submissions, involving a wide range of Network members, plus links to other related networks) is an achievement in itself and is an indicator of the level of activity the project is generating. Whatever the outcome of the review process it is clear that UCEA Convention will offer ISLDN an exciting opportunity to push its work forward. We look forward to seeing many of you there . . .

(but BELMAS in July and ECER in September before then  . . . !)


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One Response to ISLDN at UCEA13

  1. Kris Hipp says:

    Howard and Bruce – this is very informative and impressive. We’ve got our work cut out for us. Looking forward to UCEA, AERA 2014 and New Zealand thanks to the warm invitation from Ross.

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