Thursday 11th July – Network Dinner (mystery venue).  Assemble hotel lobby at 7pm for taxis to Edinburgh City.  Please email me (if not done so already) if you plan to attend as transport and restaurant bookings need to be made.  Thanks to BELMAS who are generously covering all transport costs for the evening.
Friday 12th July – 9am-12pm.  Network Business Meeting. Agenda as follows:

1) Update on recent developments:
Reports of on-going past work from the two sub-strands including a report from the AERA Business meeting:
Update on future commitments – ECER, UCEA, AERA ‘14
2) Detailed planning work in sub-strands (High Needs Schools and Social Justice Leadership)
Detailed discussion of recent and current work
Planning of future work
3) Plenary
Reportback from each group re future work plan
Combined strands discussion about Network activity (including publishing possibilities, NZEALS, CCEAM)
4) AoB

Friday 4pm-6pm – High Needs Schools symposium (details at

Sunday 9am – 10.30 – Social Justice Leadership symposium (see web address above for details).

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