Project Network meeting – BELMAS, July 2013

Prior to the 2013 BELMAS Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, ISLDN members met to update progress on the project and determine next steps for conducting and disseminating research. The meeting was well attended by members of both strands. Summarized below are the major issues discussed during the session.

  1. Bruce Barnett and Howard Stevenson were asked to contribute a chapter to the upcoming Handbook on Urban Leadership. Their chapter will showcase the two strands of the project – social justice leadership and leadership in high-need schools. Bruce will send a copy of the manuscript to all members.
  1. Linda Hammersley-Fletcher, editor of Management in Education (a BELMAS journal) –‎ , extended the invitation for us to complete a special issue for the journal. We decided this would be a great idea and its publication would coincide with the 2014 BELMAS Conference. Specifications for the issue include:
  2. Although articles can range from 2500-4000 words, they should aim to be about 3000 words. This would allow us to include up to 8 articles plus a short introduction to the project for a total of 25,000 words.
  3. Many of the members present expressed interest in submitting a manuscript for consideration.
  4. The tasks and timeline for publishing the July 2014 issue are:
  • Select editors and reviewers (August 2013).
  • Publicize manuscript submissions (August-September 2013)
  • Submit manuscripts (November 30, 2013)
  • Complete reviews and request revised manuscripts (January 15, 2014)
  • Submit revised manuscripts (March 1, 2014)
  • Editors submit of materials to publisher (March 15, 2014)
  1. Because of this tight timeline, we need to determine who will serve as the editors. It was agreed that reviewers would be drawn from the Network membership and that this represents an excellent opportunity to become familiar with wider work in the group. Howard and Bruce have other commitments that prevent them from taking on this role; however, they will provide guidance to those who take on this task. We were encouraged to have one person from each strand serve as an editor and to use our ISLDN team members as reviewers. Those interested in serving as editors should contact Howard (SJL) or Bruce (HNS) by 1st September – it would be really helpful to provide an outline of any ideas you have for the special issue.

A further option would be to try to have one or two of the MiE articles reproduced in UCEA Review – Bruce and Howard to explore the possibility.

  1. We discussed our strategies for continuing to meet and present our work at professional conferences. Several items were clarified:
  • We reaffirmed our desire to present our work at the annual BELMAS and UCEA conferences (Bruce and Howard to co-ordinate) as our sponsor organisations. Members were encouraged to coordinate submissions to additional conferences (e.g., AERA, ECER, CCEAM, ICSEI). It was agreed that members are free to use their own material to present and publish where they wish (but please acknowledge ISLDN where the work reflects some collective intellectual input).  Moreover, anyone is free to organise an ISLDN symposium at whichever conference they wish – simply liaise with Bruce and/or Howard so that there is an overview, and then we can establish if there is interest from other network members. Bruce and Howard will continue to coordinate pre-sessions for AERA, UCEA, and BELMAS.
  • The High Need Schools group is submitting a 2014 AERA proposal, coordinated by Kristine Hipp, Mette Baran, and David Gurr. Because of time restrictions for AERA pre-sessions, we decided to conduct our own pre-session prior to the conference, rather than submit a formal request to Division A. This is similar to what we did at AERA in Vancouver in 2012. Simon Clark ( has strong connections with ICSEI and is willing to coordinate a proposal submission for the January 2014 conference in Indonesia. Contact Simon if you want to participate. Proposals are due by August 8, 2013.
  • In June 2014, the CCEAM Conference will be in Canada. Izhar Oplatka ( will be coordinating a proposal submission for those interested in participating. Contact Izhar if you are interested.
  1. Concern was expressed that we have not been able to spend much time examining what we are learning from our research. We decided to address this in several ways:
    1. Our UCEA pre-session will be devoted to having members of each of the research strands discuss our findings, insights, and areas for further exploration.
    2. We decided to pursue the idea of a “Network Conference,” similar to what the ISSPP has been doing the last several years. This two- or three-day conference would bring together project researchers to share insights about their work, determine promising ways to expand their research, and consider how their work can impact preparation and practice. Jami Berry, Pam Angelle and Ian Potter are responsible for crafting ideas for the group to consider. Howard will approach BELMAS Council regarding funding to support this event (e.g., rooms, food) and Bruce will contact Michelle Young about possible financial support from UCEA.
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