The next CCEAM conference is about to be held in Canada in June 2014 (for more details see

We would like to submit a proposal for an interactive symposium that is based on both groups in ISLDN. In the proposed symposium, though, we aim to combine two streams of research and share our ideas and ponderings with delegates from different countries. A sharing of ideas with international delegates of an academic conference has always contributes to cross-cultural fertilization and, in turn, to knowledge production in any field of study.

Our purpose in the proposed interactive and structured symposium is threefold:

1.     How do people/educators from different nations and societies perceive leadership for social justice?

2.     What do social justice leaders do in different nations and in different schools including high needs schools?

3.     How are high-need schools defined and what types of local and national policies aimed at high-need schools are found in different countries?


If any of you are planning to attend this conference, please make a contact with Izhar Oplatka, the organizer of this symposium (


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2 Responses to ISLDN at CCEAM 2014

  1. Prof. (Mrs) Roseline Olubor says:

    please keep me informed of the CCEAM 2014 conference

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