The UCEA programme is here UCEA 2013 Convention Program

ISLDN features in the programme FIVE times:

Session 029 – Pre-session meeting of ISLDN team members (Thursday, 8:00am-12:00pm). This will be our planning meeting prior to the conference.

·         Session 102 – Learning from Each Other: Making Connections Between High Need Schools and Leadership for Social Justice (Friday, 10:50am-12:10pm). This session blends members of the two research strands.

·         Session 134 – Policies, Practices, and Preparation for Turnaround Leadership in Low-Performing Schools (Friday 3:30-4:40pm). This session focuses on the work of the High Need Schools strand.

·         Session 173 – Micro and Macro Context of Schooling: Understanding Social Justice from a Global Perspective (Saturday 8:00-9:20am). This session focuses on the work of the Social Justice Leadership strand.

·         Session 265 – International Summit (Sunday, 9:00am-2:00pm). During a roundtable session in the morning, members of both research strands will share their experiences.

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