Social Justice Leadership strand – ACTIVITY 1 guidance

Data collection and write up – conduct an interview with at least one school principal. There is no expectation of conducting more than 2-3 maximum. Indeed it is recommended project members do not conduct more than this number.  Select the principal(s) according to the sampling guidance provided here – and use the agreed interview protocol (available at same link).

Write up a report of the interview, with the work setting out the data against each of the four headings. This does not need to be long, but should be a minimum of 1000 words (500 words per question).  However, you may want to write considerably more to do your interview justice.  Place this report in the Dropbox. 

Note 1 – if you have presented this material in a conference, using the format of the 4 questions, then your conference paper can be used for this activity – but please make sure the format is clearly linked to the 4 questions.

Note 2 – this is one report per ‘group’, ie if you work in a group of 2-3 then only one report is required.

Note 3 please feel free to write more than the minimum and if you have an interview transcript please feel free to add this to the Dropbox (clearly labelled).


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